1. What is Bonding?

It is applied by pasting the tooth colored composite resin material to the tooth. If patients have spaces, deformation etc. within their teeth, bonding material can be used on the teeth without giving any damage to teeth.

  1. How long does dental bonding take?

Dental bonding has become a relatively quick procedure. In general, the duration of treatment is 1 hour. In the case of intensive treatment, the process may take less time.

  1. Is Bonding a painful treatment?

No, anesthesia is not usually used because this is a painless operation. Very low amounts of anesthesia may be needed for the patients who feel sensitivity.

  1. What should I pay attention after bonding treatment?

Patients should avoid having colored foods and drinks for minimizing stains within 48 hours after the operation. Tea, coffee, smoking etc. cause making the resin material get colored. You should care mouth and teeth checks and not to ignore periodic doctor controls. You need to be careful when consuming hard foods.

  1. When is Aesthetic Filling (Bonding) applied?
  • To repair broken and decay teeth.
  • To repair permanent color deformations on teeth.
  • To cover gaps between the teeth.
  • To expend tooth length.
  • To change the form of smile design.
  1. What Are the Advantages of Dental Bonding?
  • Multitude options at aesthetic composite fillings.
  • As it is transparent it provides high pleasure
  • Low cost.
  • Aesthetic fillings can be renewed in the future.
  • Minimal operation is made on tooth tissue.