What Is a Fixed Denture?

Oral health issues may result in tooth loss. Tooth loss may lead to have difficulty in speaking and eating and create aesthetic concerns. One of the treatments which are performed to enhance this situation is called fixed denture. This method is preferred more since a dental fixture has maximum strength and retention. Teeth are filed down and the dentures which simulate gum tissue made in dental laboratories are fixed on the minimized natural teeth. Fixed dentures vary in material. The available options are porcelain, zirconia or laminate dentures.

How Long Does Fixed Dentures Last?

Fixed dentures can last for 5 years. The denture can become loose and fall because of the damage on tissues. Regular dental visits may extend the time of usage.

Advantages of Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures help patients to regain their speaking and eating ability and aesthetic appearance. They are easy to use since there is no risk of them falling out.

They give a natural and aesthetic look, so the patients feel much more like their own teeth.

Disadvantages of Fixed Dentures

Although there can be discomfort because of oral hygiene problems, the pretreatments and post treatments minimize the risk. The cost of the system is higher than that of other dentures but the disadvantage can be overlooked considering the comfort and natural look it provides.

How To Apply Fixed Dentures?

In the pretreatment visit, the doctor conducts the examination and starts making preparations for prosthetics after then. The predetermined tooth (or teeth) is measured and filed down. After measurement, dentist makes a dental impression according to the chosen material. Denture should have an aesthetic look and match other teeth properly. After receiving patient’s approval, the impression is sent to laboratory. After the dentures are cemented, debris is swept away and the patient is informed about how to take care of dentures.