Dental implants are screw-shaped metal materials that are placed inside the jawbone. These implants form the roots of the artificial teeth to be placed.  This healing process usually takes 2 to 3 months. Once the surgical site has completely healed, the crowns, bridges are attached to the implants.

It is the process of making implants and prosthesis in 1 day .For this procedure, the patient’s health status is taken into account. It is checked whether the patient’s jawbone and bone density are suitable for implant treatment. There should be no complications in the mouth. Bone grafting (augmentation) treatment is applied to the patient when necessary. It is the most preferred method because it allows patients to return to their normal lives quickly and in a healthy way.

How to Insert Same-Day Implants?

Within the scope of digital dentistry, technological measurement and imaging devices are used at all stages of treatment. In this context, the patient’s panoramic X-Ray image is taken before the treatment . The current state of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and bones evaluated with 3-D imaging techniques; Soft and hard tissues around the teeth are scanned with digital imaging instruments and transferred to the computer in 3D. Treatment planning is made as a result of the digital images obtained. After receiving patient’s approval, the specialist starts the implant treatment. The implant is placed as a result of a surgical procedure, which takes approximately 2 hours. Afterwards, the temporary (prosthetic) teeth are placed in the patient’s mouth and our patient spends a 3-month recovery period comfortably. After healing period , the custom-made permanent teeth are replaced with the approval of the patient (clor,size) who gets to enjoy her/his new, healthy smile.

The Advantages of Same-day Implants

Same day implant: The infrastructure of digital dentistry consists of 3D impressions and technological devices. In this way, possible impressions or measurements errors are prevented; Materials are prepared according to the mouth impression; with tooth form designed in the digital environment, the patient can get an idea of the image that will occur after the treatment.

While the traditional dental implants involve a lengthy process, same-day implants offer a faster solution to have healthy and nice-looking teeth. The patients return to daily life quickly. It’s comfortable and easy to care. It helps regaining speaking and eating ability fast and offers a natural look.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Same-Day Implants?

Patients who do not want to wait with the classical implant method, neglected their oral health , have wobbly and unsightly teeth benefit most from this treatment. After the treatment, these patients not only have healthy, strong teeth, but also have a high sense of self-confidence as a natural result of their new attractive smile.

Other patients who are suitable for treatment are those who have difficulties in using palatal prostheses, those who have osteoporosis due to dental and gingival diseases, those who have genetically missing teeth, and those who have lost a tooth after an accident.

There is another important point to be emphasized that implant dental treatment may differ from patient to patient. This can only be determined by examining the patient by the dentist.

This change affects the suitability of the treatment as well as its duration. Implant treatment in One Day can only be approved after the dentist’s control.

The most important point is that the patient is expected to have an overall dental health and healthy bone structure.

How Long Do The Same-Day Implants Last?

It is a long lasting solution just like other implant procedures but the patient has to pay extra attention to oral care to maintain the long-term health of implants.


The Disadvantages of Same-day Implants

It is not suitable for every patient. There are some medical requirement which must be met. Implant treatment in one day may not be applied in patients with advanced bone loss due to intense infection. After the examination, the dentist decides whether the patient is suitable for implant treatment in one day.