What is Lingual?

Lingual Orthodontics is a special method which was developed for the persons who postpone undergoing dental brace treatment with aesthetical concerns although they need it. In this method, the dental brace set is placed at the rear side the tooth, and it became invisible from the front side by doing so. Thanks to this method, the dental brace set is administered accomplishedly, and the aesthetical concerns of the patient are removed since the dental brace set does not seem from the front side.

Advantages :

The dental brace set is almost invisible and one can see it by coming very closer to you and looking carefully. If you do sports or play a musical instrument, lingual brace sets are very suitable for you.

Duration of therapy ?

The duration of this therapy may be a little longer than the normal dental brace set therapy. However nobody can notice that your treatment proceeds since the brace set are placed at the inner side.

Is it expensive?

The prices of lingual orthodontics therapy are more economical with respect to other dental brace set applications, and lingual orthodontics treatment makes it possible to have a better therapy with a small price difference. Lingual Orthodontics Therapy, which is performed by experienced orthodontists and involves the personal handicraft of the dentist, removes the crooked teeth problem completely.